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77 Bitcoins Bitcoin Press

You Need a to claim from this faucet

Balance : 13180 satoshi

20 satoshi every 120 minutes.


Xapo faucets get paid instantly into your Xapo wallet

You need to have a Xapo wallet claim from these faucets get one HERE!

To claim from these faucets enter the email address you used to sign up with Xapo this way you get paid instantly.


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5 thoughts on “BitcoinPress”

  1. Hello! This is your admin how are you all today please feel free to leave any questions or comments please no spamming. if you have a bitcoin faucet script or gambling or any offerwall ptc scripts i’m open to new scripts thanks your admin Chris.

  2. Hello this is your admin I Am building this faucets balance so that I can pay out 77 satoshi every 240 min I am going to need your guys help so that I can increase in the next few days I will be adding an active donation section to build the balance thanks in advance.
    Suggestions are welcome.

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